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Entropy8zuper! is committed to delivering fullblown interactive multimedia to the Web. We are not compromising on anything. The network is a social place. A place where people live and love and cry and play. Entropy8zuper! makes digital environments for people: emotional, engaging, entertaining. Information technology is not the future. We are.

Auriea Harvey is a sculptor who has traded her traditional tools for digital ones. Using new media to express her vision has become a passion. Seeing the Internet as an unsurpassed frontier for artists, Harvey created her first website in 1995. She continues to use design as a vehicle to spread greater understanding of what is possible in this medium--beauty, communication, emotion....

Michaƫl Samyn was trained a traditional graphic designer for print media but currently only designs for hypermedia, mostly for the web. As an artist he produced numerous analog art objects that nobody wanted. In 1995 he radically stopped that production in favor of digital media (they take up less space). Art and design merge in Samyn's work. He considers himself a bad designer and an ex-artist.

Art Entertainment Network, entropy8zuper!, February 2000.