Art Dirt 1/2/96 (guests include Jerelyn Hanrahan)
Art Dirt 1/20/98 (guests include Victor Acevedo)
Art Dirt 1/29/98 (guests include Lauren Amazeen and Ken Butler)
Art Dirt 1/30/97 (guests include Christiane Paul)
Art Dirt 1/9/97 (guests include Remo Campopiano and Marek Walczak)
Art Dirt 10/14/97 (guests include Vivian Selbo and Paivi Jukla)
Art Dirt 10/21/97 (guests include Kathy Brew, Helen Thorington, and Andrea Wollensack)
Art Dirt 10/24/96 (guests include Martha Wilson and Daniel Ostrow Georges)
Art Dirt 10/28/97 (guests include Roz Dimon, Valery and Natalie Cheraskin)
Art Dirt 10/3/96 (guests include Antonio Muntadas)
Art Dirt 10/7/97 (guests include Elise Barna and Leo Fernekes)
Art Dirt 11/12/96 (guests include Joseph Nechvatal, Akke Wagenaar, Arno Coenen and Rene Bosma)
Art Dirt 11/14/96 (guests include Carol Stakenas, CB Cooke, Kendall Queer Morrison, Corey Sica, and Nick Debbs)
Art Dirt 11/14/96 (guests include Matthew Yokobosky and Danny Hobart)
Art Dirt 11/18/97 (guests include Cary Peppermint)
Art Dirt 11/25/97 (guests include Hans Brener and Christiane Paul)
Art Dirt 11/4/97 (guests include Mark Amerika, Danny Hobart, and Wolfgang Staehle)
Art Dirt 11/7/96 (guests include Alex Melamid)
Art Dirt 12/12/96 (guests include Walter Robinson)
Art Dirt 12/19/96 (guests include Peter Fend)
Art Dirt 12/2/97 (guests include William and Kathleen Lazizza)
Art Dirt 12/23/97 (guests include Peter Sinclair)
Art Dirt 12/30/97 (guests include Arno Coenen and Rene Bosma)
Art Dirt 12/5/96 (guests include Eric Rosner, Paul Garrin, and Andreas Troeger)
Art Dirt 12/9/97 (guests include Tivo)
Art Dirt 2/16/96 (guests include Blast/X Art Foundation, Jordan Crandall, Shawn Vonsel, and Heather Wagner)
Art Dirt 2/18/97 (PORT: Webjam_02, M. River, T. Whid, and Ricardo Dominguez)
Art Dirt 2/20/97 (guests include ISIS Conceptual Laboratory)
Art Dirt 2/25/97 (guests include Ricardo Dominguez; PORT: Webjam_03)
Art Dirt 2/9/96 (guests include Simon Biggs and Stuart Jones)
Art Dirt 3/11/97 (guests include Jennifer and Kevin McCoy; Ricardo Dominguez)
Art Dirt 3/13/97 (PORT-MIT)
Art Dirt 3/20/97 (guests include Janet Abrams)
Art Dirt 3/26/98 (guests include Eungie McMaster)
Art Dirt 3/29/96 (guests include Ricardo Dominguez and Martha Wilson; PORT: Webjam_01)
Art Dirt 3/4/97 (PORT: Webjam_04, Joachim Batista, and Ricardo Dominguez)
Art Dirt 4/10/97
Art Dirt 4/17/97 (guests include Donnee and Alexandre Stratu?; D.A.S.T.)
Art Dirt 4/19/96 (guests include Andrea Troygel?)
Art Dirt 4/22/97 (guests include Hakim Bey)
Art Dirt 4/23/98 (guests include Victor Acevedo, Cynthia Pannucci, and Lynn Pokog)
Art Dirt 4/29/97 (guests include Christiane Paul and Bob Dobbs)
Art Dirt 4/3/97
Art Dirt 4/9/98 (A SoaPOPera for Laptops, Soho)
Art Dirt 5/14/98 (A SoaPOPera for Laptops, Marseilles)
Art Dirt 6/27/96 (guests include Sandra Gering and John Simon Jr.)
Art Dirt 6/6/96 (guests include Matthew Drutt)
Art Dirt 7/11/96 (guests include Margaret Morton and Doris Vila)
Art Dirt 7/22/97 (guests include Lapland simulcast and Charlie Morrow)
Art Dirt 7/8/96 (guests include Wolfgang Staehle)
Art Dirt 8/12/97
Art Dirt 8/15/96 (guests include Plaintext Players, Heather Wagner, and Antoinette LaFarge)
Art Dirt 8/19/97 (guests include Alex Galloway)
Art Dirt 8/22/96 (guests include Lara Lee)
Art Dirt 8/26/97 (guests include Benton Bainbridge)
Art Dirt 8/29/96 (guests include Richard Leeds)
Art Dirt 8/5/97 (guests include Yael Kanarek)
Art Dirt 9/20/96 (special edition with CuSeeMe hookup)
Art Dirt 9/23/96 (guests include Susan Hoeltzl and Robert Atkins)
Art Dirt 9/26/96 (guests include Richard Leeds and Christiane Paul)
Art Dirt 9/5/96 (guests include Martha Wilson, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Julia Heyward, Barbara R. Rusin, and Grace Roselli)
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