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Democracy - The Last Campaign, February 2000

Margaret Crane and Jon Winet


During the past 15 years, the collaboration Margaret Crane/Jon Winet has produced work examining the language and images of the information age and the psychosocial pathology of contemporary urban life. Their latest piece is Democracy - The Last Campaign, a yearlong multimedia project focusing on the 2000 presidential elections. New to the site, which originally launched in February [2000] as part of Art Entertainment Network, are Citizen Profiles--short video recordings of people from all over the United States speaking candidly about the political process and the state of the union today. Winet was at the Walker earlier this year taping Twin Cities-area residents for the project. Check out the site to hear their thoughts and opinions.

Walker Art Center Calendar, Democracy - The Last Campaign, June 2000.

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credit line: Commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center through a grant from the Jerome Foundation.
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