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Airworld, August 1999

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy


This "site" is a series of banner ads that appears on real sites across the Web alongside Intel processor and Absolut Vodka ads, courtesy of Doubleclick. Each of the ads includes guru-sounding/gurulike aphorisms, such as "are you lost? reorganize," "option: business as usual," "reorganize domain," or "trial agent." When you click on the ad, you are whisked to the corporate homepage of Airworld, where the same confusion continues. A "jargon machine" dynamically pulls text blurbs from business and technology Web sites, evoking the traditional hierarchy of a corporate site with its categories such as Alliances, Solutions, Technology, Home Office, Recruitment, and Shopping. Felix Stalder's accompanying essay critiques the current development of net commerce.

Walker Art Center Calendar, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy's "Airworld," September 1999.

G9 launch: August , 1999
credit line: Commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center through a grant from the Jerome Foundation.
  status: host
technology: HTML; RealPlayer