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loaded 5x, 1997

Doug Aitken


Doug Aitken's 1997 project for äda 'web, loaded 5x, is a non-linear, multi-layered narrative that explores the dynamic relationship between text and image while paralleling the structure of film. Lush color images of five different individuals in outdoor settings are paired with brief texts written in collaboration with Dean Kuipers, an editor of Raygun magazine. The juxtapositions are somewhat surreal, as if calling up the subconscious or dreamlike thoughts of the people represented on screen. In addition, there is a map-like diagram of the navigational paths of his project which can be accessed by clicking small icons within the project.

Aitken is a recognized video artist and photographer who works in the commercial and art spheres of image production. His work is informed by a fertile exchange between these areas. With their masterful combinations of sound and imagery, Aitken's videos conjure emotional, even visceral responses in the viewer. Aitken interweaves repeating sequences of visuals with stark and evocative audio components, resulting in a hybrid sort of video narrative, one which thrives without recourse to spoken or written language.

G9 launch: November, 1998
credit line: Linked project from äda 'web.
  status: host
technology: HTML