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The GhostWatcher

June Houston


About the GhostWatcher

q. Why do you keep living in a haunted house? If it scares you so, why not move out? Why do you stay in a house that must disturb you occasionally?
a. I'm not sure it is haunted.
b. I want to understand what is happening. Leaving will not answer the questions I've been asking myself for years. I want to face the problem and find out what's what.

q. What is the history of the house?
a. It was built in the late 1920s. I couldn't find any other info.

q. Does whatever is making these noises give you the feeling that it's malicious or confused or just trying to communicate in general?
a. I'm not sure it is trying to communicate. It would help me if it was, but I have the feeling it is just living there without a clue. A little bit like me. It needs to hurt. It is evil.

q. What are these voices saying to you?
a. Nothing that I can understand.

q. Has the activity of the "ghosts" increased since the Watch started?
a. Activity remains steady.

q. Do you think you will get the answers you seek?
a. It's just a matter of time.

About June

q. Where do you live, June?
a. New York City.

q. Do you have pets?
a. No.

q. I assume you're married, so does your husband also have an interest in the ghosts around your house?
a. Not married.

q. Are you afraid of men? Of everybody? Why do you want to live alone?
a. I'm not afraid of men and I don't really want to live alone. I am rarely alone, actually, but I just don't want strangers to physically come to my place to "help me" with my problems (which are most likely not physical). I created the GhostWatcher so I could have the entire connected world help me with my problem without having to worry about intruders.

q. Do you feel that you are allowing the Web to affect your private life?
a. Yes.

q. Are you at all psychic?
a. Don't think so.

q. Have you had any wierd experiences of a paranormal nature in your childhood?
a. Not that I can remember.

q. Do you have any children?
a. No.

q. What is your profession?
a. I'm an artist. A very fine artist, that is ;)

q. Do you enjoy living in New York? Why?
a. See answer to the next question.

q. What are your interests?
a. Going out at night (a lot), dancing to throbbing tracks in minimal--usually Italian--clothes (have to be very expensive) in the baddest clubs, club-hopping, mixing with very different crowds in the same night (now that I'm older, it works much better), drinking... Cruising the Web for anything sexy. Traveling physically whenever I can. Getting lost in the Met. What can I say, I'm a shallow person.

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