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Beyond Interface

Steve Dietz, November 1998
I organized and co-curated this exhibition on the occasion of the 1998 Museums and the Web Conference both to educate myself and my colleagues about some of the best work being produced for the Web and to begin a critical engagement with Net practice beyond simply compiling a hotlist of links. What I and others thought at the time is manifest throughout the exhibition.

Beyond Interface would not have been possible, let alone of interest, without the dedicated participation of the steering committee: Remo Campopiano, Craig Harris, Susan Hazan, Greg Lam-Niemeyer, Chris Locke, Pedro Meyer, Randall Packer, Paul Vanouse, and Martha Wilson.

Trudy Lane won an American Center for Design first annual Web 100 Award in 1998 for her design.

Above all, the more than 30 artists in the exhibition have been an inspiration for a vision of the Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 as a place where we can all discover new things that have to be explored.