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Bowling Alley

Walker Art Center Gallery 9, 1998
Shu Lea Cheang

Web Site Artists
Sawad Brooks
Christa Erickson
Beth Stryker

Collaborating Artists: Minneapolis 10
Me-k Ando
Heidi Arneson
Steve Grandell
Kim Hines
Dan McMullin
Juliana Pegues
Karen Platt
Marcie Rendon
Elaine Shelly
Felicia Washington

Cybernetic Architecting
Tim Desley
Ralph Jensen

Technical Project Director and Lighting
Eleanor Savage

Commissioned By
Marlina Gonzalez, Film/Video, Walker Art Center

Installation Dates
November 19, 1995-February 4, 1996

Web Site Development Assisted By
i|o 360
Indiana University, Fine Arts Dept.
Indiana University, SoFA Gallery
Minneapolis College for Art and Design
I3 Telecom

The Walker Art Center's presentation of Bowling Alley was made possbile by AT&T New Art/New Visions.

First published by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center, 1998.