Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows serves as artist/illustrator at Xerox-PARC where he is currently working on a museum installation that conducts speculative research on the future of reading. Meadows has a bi-focal approach to his work. One focus is real-media still imagery such as printing and painting. Second is internet-based installations and interactive media environments. His work focuses on methods of joining these two disparate approaches, generally through the use of semi-abstract figures. He is a co-founder of Construct Internet Design, serves on the advisory board for various technology and art conferences, is a faculty member at SFSU, an exhibiting painter, and a published writer. He lives in a warehouse near San Francisco with his two cats where they maintain a watchful eye on surf conditions. Construct and Lynn Hershman won this year's Golden Nica [Ars Electronica] in the Interactive Category. Meadows has also received awards from the Stanford University Digital Art Center, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, San Francisco Focus Magazine, and Stoli Vodka.

Art Entertainment Network, Mark Meadows, February 2000.

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