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Janet Cohen


Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito have been agreeing to disagree since their first adversarial collaboration, Casting Lots, in 1993. Cohen, Frank, and Ippolito foreground the conflict inherent in collaboration by basing each work on a particular competitive event, such as marking territory by spitting pins, targeting an opponent with projectiles, or evaluating each other's ideas for an artwork.

Cohen, Frank, and Ippolito's digital work has been presented at Sandra Gering Gallery Online and at SIGGRAPH 97; in 1997 they were awarded a Louis Comfort Tiffany award for their body of work.The artists live and work in New York and can be reached at cohen-frank-ippolito@three.org.

Walker Art Center Gallery 9, Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito, 1998.

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