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The Unreliable Archivist, November 1998

Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito


The Unreliable Archivist should load in 2-4 minutes on a 28.8 kb connection. (Mac users: please wait until the status bar indicates a complete download.) Once this page is loaded, there are no other downloads necessary to view the project.

When the Archivist window appears, you will see a Web page assembled from components drawn from different äda'web projects. Clicking on the arrow tab will open a panel with four sliders that allow you to alter this archetypal äda'web page to suite your preferences.

A toggle switch on the slider panel allows you to view the sources of the äda'web components rather than the slider settings. Where these sources are underlined, you may click on them to open the original äda'web page in a third, separate window.

This version of The Unreliable Archivist requires Netscape 4.07+; we hope to have a version compatible with Internet Explorer posted later. If performance seems sluggish, you may want to increase your browser's cache to at least 5 MB. (Mac users may also want to allocate at least 25 MB of RAM to their browser; you can do this when Netscape is closed using the Get Info command from the Finder menu.)

Walker Art Center Gallery 9, The Unreliable Archivist, November 1998.
G9 launch: November, 1998
credit line: Commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center.
  status: linked
technology: Requires Netscape 4.07+