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Darin Fong


Darin Fong has been doing computer graphics and software engineering for 13 years. Early in his career he spent his time doing computer and video engineering. For the past five years, he has been doing digital compositing for high-end television commercials and feature films including such films as Alien Resurrection, Die Hard 3, and Everyone Says I Love You. He currently owns and operates his own company, Engine Company No. 9, in New York providing digital compositing services to all the major post houses in Manhattan. In the last two years, Darin has focused his efforts on the Internet and web site design and programming. He has worked on complex web sites that integrate large Oracle databases with Flash animation using Apple's WebObjects. Darin's expertise covers all aspects of web site design and programming, from graphic design to JavaScript and HTML programming. His latest work can be seen at www.ArtandCulture.com, a portal type web site which covers everything having to do with art and culture. Darin has BS degree in physics from UC Berkeley.

Art Entertainment Network, Darin Fong, February 2000.

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