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The Vanndemar Memex or Lara Croft Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Even, February 2000

Marc Lafia with Gabriella Marks (story, images, photography, design, play mechanics, code); Darin Fong (story, images, photography, design, play mechanics, code); Mark Meadows (story, design); and Josh Draper (interactive pyrotechnics)


A game, a story, an investigation into narrative, meaning, and agency: assume an identity -- a decision ripe with very real ramifications -- then enter the fray.  A narrative unfolds, nudging you this way and that, meanings and desires hovering in the periphery, emerging from and interrupted by varied voices. Is this highly textured tool an ambience or a meme, meme-x perhaps, with an agenda all its own?  Purpose splayed through time, a mode of experience, an event.

G9 launch: February, 2000
credit line: Linked project from Art Entertainment Network.
  status: linked
technology: HTML; Flash; Javascript