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Calendar 2000, January 1-December 31, 2000

Claude Closky


Walker curator Philippe Vergne recently asked French artist Claude Closky if he would rather spend his vacation in Corpus Christi with Andy Warhol or in Bali with Naomi Campbell, and why. Closky's answer was, "As Neiman Marcus® says: 'Art provides great table conversation,' but as Clairol® advises, 'I will follow my Natural Instincts®' and invite Naomi to come with me to Bali." The artist's latest project, Calendar 2000, is an online "meme-a-day" calendar. He culled the popular press to bring you memorable trademarked advice each and every day of the year 2000.

Walker Art Center Calendar, Calendar 2000, June 2000.

G9 launch: January , 2000
credit line: Commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center.
  status: host