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Interview with Claude Closky

Philippe Vergne, December 1999
Philippe Vergne: Would you rather spend vacation in Corpus Christi (Texas) with Andy Warhol or in Bali with Naomi Campbell, and why?

Claude Closky: As Neiman Marcus® says: "Art provides great table conversation", but as Clairol® advises: "I will follow my "Natural Instincts®" and invite Naomi to come with me to Bali.

PV: Would you wear a Gucci suit with cowboy boots or a tennis shorts with Prada shoes and why?

CC: It's a difficult choice, because as Sears® teaches us: "Being in style can be very rewarding", and as Coty® reminds us: "Every man wants success by day and by night".

PV: Do you believe in high and low?

CC: I believe in ultra-high hydration cream and extra-low calorie yogurt.

PV: The eighties are coming back, so what do you fear the most about that?

CC: I am afraid that "Beauty is timeless," as Max Factor® puts it, and that "Tomorrow never dies." as Omega® predicts!

PV: Duchamp, Picasso, Matisse, or Schaparelli?

CC: I have to admit I have spent more time lately with Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia of the "Golden Girls."

Walker Art Center, 1999. First published by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center for Calendar 2000 by Claude Closky.