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Free Radio Linux, 2002

r a d i o q u a l i a


Free Radio Linux is an online and on-air radio station. The sound transmission consists of a computerized reading of the code used to create the operating system, Linux.

Free Radio Linux is an audio distribution of the Linux Kernel, the basis for all versions of Linux operating systems. Each line of code will be read by the computerised automated voice - a speech.bot built by ra d i o q u a l i a. The speech.bot's output will then be encoded into an Open Source audio stream (using the codec, Ogg Vorbis), and sent out live on the internet. A selection on FM, AM and Shortwave radio stations from around the world will also relay the audio stream on various occasions.

The Linux kernel contains 4,141,432 lines of code. Reading the entire kernel will take an estimated 14253.43 hours, or 593.89 days. Free Radio Linux begins transmission on February 3, 2002, the fourth anniversary of the term, Open Source.

r a d i o q u a l i a, Free Radio Linux: README -- What Is It ? -- February 2002.
G9 launch: February, 2002
credit line: Commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center with the support of the Jerome Foundation, USA.
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