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Brett Stalbaum


Brett Stalbaum, a C5 research theorist, specializes in network aesthetics, algorithm development, and critical theory. Stalbaum is a teaching associate and graduate student at the CADRE Institute, San Jose State University. As a network artist, he has developed a number of network-based conceptual projects, including the "Joint Tactical Disinformation Distribution System" and "net.art Sketch" (a geographical scale drawing tool); he also has collaborated as the Java programmer for the Electronic Disturbance Theater. He has written numerous critical essays on net.art for Switch, CADRE's on-line magazine, and is contributing to a book by the Electronic Disturbance Theater to be published by Autonomedia in 1999. Currently, he is researching the problems and potential of using autopoietic computing models in fine art.

Walker Art Center Gallery 9, Brett Stalbaum, February 1999.

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